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September 2020
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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat & Andy talk about lessons they learned from martial arts training and how they helped in life outside the Academy. 


-The Power Of Auto Suggestion

-Building Confidence Through Achievement

- The Power Of Belief


-Habit Formation - Postive Habits


-Practicing meeting people different from yourself


-Dealing with fear - fear of failure & fear of rejection.

More from Greg:

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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat,&  Andy talk about the beginners mindset as it applies to martial arts. How to develop confidence, train smart and have fun in class. 

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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat,&  Andy talk about being mindful of your partner in training. Topics include how to be a good sparring partner, perfecting your pad holding, going too rough and more.

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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat,&  Andy talk about various topics related to generating energy. Topics covered include sleep, recovery, nutrition, exercise, relationships & mindfulness.

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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat, Andy & Kaitlin talk about the evolution of combat sports to from pre-1990s until the 2010s.  From amateur to pro competition, to online learning, to training/coaching styles a lot of ground gets covered.

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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat, Andy talk about goal setting as you age. Training for fun, health and energy. How to come back from injury or sickness.  Integrating a progressive mindset into your training.

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Team Academy Coaches Greg, Nat, Andy & John discuss examples of integrating martial arts principles into your daily life. Changing and improving many areas of your life by regular daily practice.
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Team Academy coaches Greg, Nat, Andy, & Ryan work on helping understand the difference between being "injured" & being "hurt." When can you vs. when you can't train through injuries and pain. Check it out!

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Greg, Nat, & Andy discuss mental toughness training for martial arts & beyond. What exactly is "Mental Toughness?" How do you get more of it? Can you bee "too tough?" Find out more by listening!

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Greg, Nat, & Andy discuss Martial Arts and the good life. What makes a good life? How does martial arts and other activities help contribute to the good life. What moral virtues does martial arts enhance? Find out more by listening!

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Greg, Nat, & Andy discuss the what makes a high level performer in martial arts and athletics. What is the role of physical talent vs. metal talent, how does attitude effect outcome, what is the role of  motivation in an athletes results.

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Greg, Nat, & Andy discuss the attributes of Coaching High Level performance in Martial Arts & Sports competition. The keys to becoming good coach such as communication, positive encouragement, loyalty, dependability, and more!

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Discover training techniques, what happens in real self defense, and the definition of self defense.

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Greg Nelson MMA Coach Lays Down The Laws of Goal Setting for Training In MMA.

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Learn about the Seven "D"s of success in athletics for combat sports & wrestling. With master coach greg nelson.

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Greg Nelson MMA Podcast

Greg Nelson talks about the what where why & when of success in athletics & coaching for MMA, wrestling, gymnastics.

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